Protecting your business is one of the most important decisions you make when selecting which security company to choose. With the LET-HD Security not only are you connected but so are your local police. With visual deterrents outside your property and security sensors inside, you’re sending a clear message to potential threats to stay away. Our business alarms are connected to our 24 hour alarm receiving centre who can respond quickly and efficiently to emergency calls. Get peace of mind and install an LET-HD alarm for your property and see the difference.


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LET-HD Q70 Panel

A Complete fully integrated Wireless Panel using LET-HD's SecureWave, two way technology. Ideal for residential and small commercial applications. With integrated key pad, communicator, and siren, installation will be quick and easy. Aesthetically pleasing it can be mounted anywhere in the premises.
Commercial Bellbox

External Bell Box

Our External Bell Box with a fully wireless with a built in battery boasts a high intensity LED Strobe light and a loud siren that sets off once the alarm has been tripped.
PIR 0 Sensor

Motion Sensor

Our Motion Sensor is a fully wireless detector compatible with the LET-HD Q70 Wireless Panel. The device has exceptional wireless range and performance. It has a Pet Immune feature and a 15m detection range.
Door Contact

Door Contact

Our experience over the years with both contact and inertia shock sensors has been combined with our advanced LET-HD Q70 platform to create an outstanding wireless contact sensor.
Smart Key

Smart Key

Smart Keys allow you to activate and deactivate your alarm system when you go in and out of your house or business. No need to memorise complicated codes! Thanks to our Smart Keys you can also monitor who is coming in and out and when. Simply assign a key to each family member.


Remote Control

Remote Control

Our user friendly Remote Control is designed to be used by everyone: adults, children or elderly people. You can take it with you or leave it by your bed to program your alarm easily and quickly. You can activate it in total mode, night mode, daylight mode or perimeter mode. It comes with a built-in SOS function.
Door Contact

Shock Sensor

With our Shock Sensor you can protect gates, doors and windows whether you are in the building or not. Thanks to our “Shock Sensor” Technology, the sensor will detect any intrusion even before it happens.
Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

The Wireless Smoke Detector is an optical smoke alarm using the light scatter principle, giving a quick response to all standard fire types. It communicates to the control panel with wireless technology.
Heat Detector

Heat Detector

The Wireless Heat Detector is ideal for kitchens, garages, boiler houses and other areas where there are normally high levels of fumes, smoke or dust. It communicates to the control panel using wireless technology.
Panic Alarm

Fixed Panic Alarm

This double push panic wireless panic button is aesthetically pleasing and compatible with all LET-HD wireless and hybrid panels. It has a latching function and is easy to install. Perfect to install in a home for elderly people or a bedroom for families.
Internal Sounder

Internal Siren

The Internal wireless siren is suitable for use with all LET-HD Wireless Systems including the Q70. The siren is extremely neat and aesthetic with no compromise on performance;